Libby Davies Recognized for Achievement in Drug Policy at International Conference

NEW ORLEANS – NDP MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) is in New Orleans this weekend, where she will receive the Justice Gerald Le Dain Award for Achievement in the Field of Law.

Davies is being recognized for her “outstanding drug policy reform work” at the 2007 International Drug Policy Reform Conference, hosted by the U.S. based Drug Policy Alliance and the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation.

The award is named after retired Supreme Court Justice Gerald Le Dain, Chair of the 1970 Canadian Commission on the Non-Medical Use of Drugs. The Commission recommended that the government’s drug strategy focus on frank education, not suppression, and argued that marijuana possession should be decriminalized.

Libby Davies, the NDP Spokesperson for Drug Policy, sat on the 2002 Special Parliamentary Sub-Committee on the Non-Medical Use of Drugs and has been a long time advocate of harm reduction, regulating drug use, and addressing drug use as a public health issue.

Davies is leading a Campaign for Common Sense Drug Policy, and continues to fight along-side activists across Canada to protect Vancouver’s safe injection site, InSite.