NDP Wins Emergency Debate on HIV/AIDS in Vancouver East: MPs Will Debate Conservatives’ Failing Drug Strategy for Aboriginal Communities

OTTAWA – NDP’s Deputy Leader Libby Davies (Vancouver East) says the Conservatives’ current drug strategy is failing the Aboriginal communities of Vancouver.

Recent reports have highlighted that aboriginal injection drug users in Vancouver were twice as likely as non-Aboriginal users to be infected with HIV.

“The NDP is demanding greater action and a debate on finding solutions to this growing crisis,” said Davies. “The Conservatives are not paying attention to the research and reports. Yet, the conclusions are clear – their American-style drug strategy is not working. It must be changed to save the lives and health of Aboriginals.”

The NDP put forth a motion to have an emergency debate in the House of Commons today and has been accepted.

“Stephen Harper’s government continues to fail Aboriginal Canadians,” said Davies. “Support for community-based Aboriginal health and treatment programs is needed. Why is this government ignoring this crisis and abandoning the community during their time of need? This is unacceptable.”