Davies Calls on Harper to Put Evidence Ahead of Ideology on Safe Injection Site

OTTAWA – Vancouver East NDP MP Libby Davies today called on the Conservative government to “put evidence ahead of ideology” and keep Vancouver’s supervised injection site open. Davies’ call came on the heels of a statement in support of Insite released today by SFU Criminologist Neil Boyd, who had been contracted by the federal government to conduct research on the supervised injection site.

“The research is absolutely clear. Insite prevents overdose deaths and the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is cost effective and widely supported in the community. Insite saves lives,” said Davies.

Boyd’s statement follows an open letter and series of reports released last week by leading UBC medical researchers claiming that the Conservative government has been suppressing evidence and denying funding to research related to the facility. The exemption from Canada’s drug laws that allows Insite to operate is set to expire June 30, 2008.

“More than 20 medical and academic studies have been published showing the health and social benefits of Insite. It’s time for this government to make decisions based on evidence instead of ideology. Insite needs to be kept open,” said Davies.