Statement from Libby on Consevative InSite Interference

OTTAWA – “The Conservative government must stop its unconscionable interference in scientific research on Vancouver’s safe injection site. Medical researchers from the University of British Columbia have revealed that Harper and his team have been suppressing evidence and denying funding to scientists who are looking objectively at the merits of InSite.

“More than 20 medical and academic studies have been published showing the health and social benefits of InSite. We now have both scientific fact and evidence from users in our community that this facility is helping, not hurting the people of our city. The research record shows that InSite saves lives and increases public safety.

“Harper doesn’t understand that you can’t just hide the facts whenever they don’t suit your political agenda. We need a change in direction. It’s time for this government to make decisions based on evidence instead of ideology – InSite needs to be kept open.”