Conservatives ignore law and science to shut down InSite – Libby Speaking out for InSite

FEBRUARY 9, 2010

VANCOUVER – Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East, called on the Conservative Government today to explain their decision to ignore multiple court rulings in favour of keeping open InSite, Canada’s safe injection site.

“InSite saves lives,” said Davies. “The science proves it, and the B.C Supreme Court and B.C. Appeal Court agree. Yet the Conservatives continue to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on legal fees to try to shut it down,” added Davies. “Canadians want an explanation”

The Conservatives appealed the B.C. Supreme Court’s earlier ruling that InSite should remain open however, the B.C. Appeal Court upheld the lower court’s ruling and further ruled that InSite is under provincial, not federal jurisdiction.

Over twenty peer-reviewed studies show the supervised injection site reduces the spread of HIV/AIDS and incidences of drug overdoses among drug users, while increasing the number of users accessing rehabilitation and similar services.

“If the Conservatives are really tough on crime, they should respect the law and support these harm reduction strategies that work,” said Davies. “Evidence based success should be shaping Canada’s drug policy, not the Conservative’s ideology.”