Libby Welcomes Superior Court Ruling Striking Down Harmful Laws

September 28, 2010

MP Libby Davies Welcomes Superior Court Ruling Striking Down Harmful Laws

Ottawa- Vancouver East MP Libby Davies welcomes today’s landmark Ontario Superior Court ruling striking down Canada’s laws surrounding prostitution noting the laws are substantially “increasing the risk of harm” to sex workers.

“This is a long overdue victory for some of Canada’s most vulnerable women,” said Davies. “The ruling is in line with the 2006 findings of the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Solicitation Laws, showing that current laws are hurting sex workers,” said Davies whose Private Member’s Motion was the impetus for the sub-committee.

The Ontario ruling recognizes the role that Canada’s harmful and marginalizing prostitution laws played in the Pickton murders and the disappearance and murder of upwards of 300 other women, mostly sex workers, across Canada.

“It’s imperative that the federal government accept the legitimacy of the Superior Court decision and consider what needs to be done to protect the rights and safety of sex workers, as well as the wider public,” said Davies.

Davies praised the complainants, three women working in the sex-trade, for their courage to bringing this to public attention and seeing this through.