Libby Succeeds: Parliamentary Committee to Review Sex Trade Laws

OTTAWA: Federal NDP MP Libby Davies won support from Parliamentarians on her lengthy campaign to ensure the safety of sex trade workers and communities across Canada.

Parliament on Friday supported Davies’ Motion and instructed the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to review federal laws around solicitation. Their task will be to recommend changes that would reduce the dangers facing sex trade workers and ensure safer and healthy communities. Davies’ Private Members Motion, M-192, generated strong support from all political parties.

“I’m very happy and relieved that the government and Members of Parliament have finally recognized that the illegal nature of the sex trade has a dramatic impact on the health of our communities and the safety and rights of those working in the industry,” said Davies. “It is a great day for the NDP.”

“The approval of this motion means we can begin the real wok of addressing the risks and impacts of the sex trade,” commented Davies.

Davies has advocated for changes that will reduce the harm to sex trade workers and communities since she was elected.

“The recent fifteen murder charges laid after the discovery of over 60 missing women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has heightened the awareness for the need to reduce the violence against sex trade workers and protect local community across Canada,” said the Vancouver East MP.

“There is a perception that sex trade workers don’t deserve the same rights to health and security as other citizens,” said Davies. “It is time we stop treating these women like disposable garbage, ignoring the risks posed to communities by the contradictory legal framework that surrounds the sex trade.”