Libby questions Prime Minister about Employment Insurance

House of Commons
Question Period

Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East):
Mr Speaker, the marriage of convenience between Conservatives and Liberals has blossomed into true love.

And what’s their message for Canadians?

If you have H1N1 – take an aspirin. If you’re putting groceries on your credit card – our big fonts will show you just how deep you’re sinking. If you lost your job – here’s a blue ribbon panel to figure out EI… sit tight ‘til the fall! When will these partners in crime get real?

Instead of appointing panels, why won’t the Prime Minister act for the jobless today?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC): Mr. Speaker, we have already taken important action for the unemployed, but the NDP voted against it. NDP members decided they would vote against it before they even knew what it was. They have decided they will be against any further proposals before they know what they are. In effect, we have le Bloc anglais down there.

Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East):
Workers need help now, not months from now. When my party negotiated Budget 2005 we delivered.

We turned $4.6 billion in corporate tax breaks into:
$1.6 billion in housing
$1.5 billion in post-secondary education
$1 billion in transit, and more.

After all that tough talk from the Liberal leader all jobless Canadians get is a blue ribbon panel?

Cold comfort for the 1.5 million laid-off Canadians!

When will the Prime Minister stop playing at his opponent’s low level and start acting to help those jobless Canadians?