Libby standing up for mental health

On Tuesday, May 12, Libby co-hosted an event on Parliament Hill called Stand Up for Mental Health. The organization uses comedy to raise awareness and break down barriers related to mental illness. Libby made the following statement in the House of Commons to celebrate the event.

House of Commons
Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, many people might say one would have to be nuts to do stand-up comedy. Stand Up for Mental Health does just that, for good therapeutic reasons. It raises awareness about mental illness and breaks down prejudice, stigma and discrimination.

Stand Up for Mental Health helps those living with mental illness to turn their experiences into comedy. It helps people move from despair to hope and empowerment, and it puts a human face on mental illness.

Stand Up for Mental Health founder David Granirer says:

“There’s something incredibly healing about telling a roomful of people exactly who you are and having them laugh and cheer.”

Mental illness touches people from all backgrounds, age and socio-economic status.

This evening we have the opportunity to confront our prejudices and learn more about mental illness while having fun at the same time. Stand Up for Mental Health comics will be giving a performance in room 200, West Block. I encourage all members and staff to come at 6 p.m., offer their support to these brave comics and enjoy a great evening of comedy.