Attack on Gaza

Having just returned to Canada, I have been watching the developments in Gaza.

I am member of the Canada Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Association and have worked with other MPs to pressure for peace and justice for Palestinians, by pressuring our Canadian government to show leadership in implementing UN resolutions regarding Palestine, and supporting the legitimate legal, political, and social demands of the Palestinian people.

This latest assault on Gaza by Israel is outrageous and the loss of civilian life and further destruction of civil society and infrastructure must be condemned and stopped.

I believe very strongly that such action by the IDF will not resolve long standing problems and will only further incite violence and instability. I hope that all Members of Parliament will speak out and make it clear that the Canadian Government must support a cease fire to prevent further loss of life. The cease fire must include Hamas and the firing of its rockets into Israel.

We must also demand that Israel allow the media access to Gaza to report on what is taking place. All efforts must be dedicated to restoring the basic necessities of life, and supporting Palestinians in recovering from the ongoing destruction of Gaza. Further, the International Community must resolve to support all peace efforts aimed at a just settlement, which must include the establishment of a viable, sovereign Palestinian state.