A Busy Week

The week goes so fast in Ottawa; I can barely remember all that happened. It’s a blur of activity, seriously. As House Leader for the NDP I have particular responsibilities and I seem to dash from place to place, trying to stay on top of what’s happening on the Hill. This week, the focus has still been on the Conservative budget and we’ve put our efforts to exposing the underwhelming impact it has. With 1.3 million Canadians who have lost their jobs, clearly the Conservative budget is out of touch – whether its lack of EI eligibility, or strict rules that inhibit the flow of dollars for badly needed infrastructure projects. One interesting question is how the budget really lets down women. No childcare, less access to EI, elimination of pay equity complaints thru the courts, and no social housing for families. I asked a Question in the House on Friday and went after these issues. Keeping the pressure up is key.