In Memoriam of Jack Layton

Dear friends,

Its hard to believe that a year has gone by since Jack Layton died. His presence is very much with us, both politically, and for many, personally, too. Today, I am in Toronto, where a beautiful monument to Jack, sculpted by Olivia, located in the Necropolis cemetary will be witnessed, and a public gathering tonight at Nathan Phillips Square, at Toronto City Hall will celebrate his life and legacy. Already there are people at city hall, writing in chalk, as they express what they feel about the extraordinary life of Jack. His legacy I think, is about bringing people together – and creating a common sense of purpose about what we can do to work for a better world.

I know today will be a day of mixed emotions for many; a sense of on going loss, and sadness that his life ended so early as he approached the greatest accomplishment of his political work, and also of  hope, love, and optimism, that he expressed so well, to us all.

For me, I see Jack’s smile and the direct way of looking right into you that he had, intently listening.

We look to the future, while holding the past close to our hearts.