A year later!


Was it really a year ago that I had the good fortune to launch my memoir “Outside In”? We were in Toronto and it was a pouring rain storm on Spadina Street and I thought – no ones gonna come – but people did – amazingly, and we had a fab time with Judy Rebick and Min Sook Lee.

And then it was on to Vancouver and many other places across the country, and beyond to the Miami Book Fair!

Many thanks to the team at Between The Lines and Zoe Gram Communications for their work and promotion. 

It feels like yesterday and also eons ago – one of those time puzzles that confounds you! I feel very fortunate that it was last May – as I would certainly be in the throws of a creative book launch during a pandemic if it had been this year. So to all the writers in that situation now – I wish you all the best – knowing that your readers are out there, still wonderful and eager to read new material.

I am delighted to share that “Outside In” is also available as an e-book and work is currently underway to launch an AUDIO BOOK of the Memoir. So excited about that.  More to come later!

In the meantime I continue to write – and indeed the #stayathome #staysafe necessity has opened a great space for writing and thinking if you’re inclined to write. Writing this memoir has been a wonderful experience and a joy of meeting many old and new friends in so many discussions. It keeps me optimistic and charged about the need for political discussion and activism in this country. There is so much to do – and so many ways to engage – with each other, in unity, and with strength and purpose.

My deepest and grateful thanks to the many good people who have accompanied me on this journey. Kim, who has been there every step of the way, thank you for your unflagging help and support.