Roger Waters lifts the curtain

The piece was originally posted on – November 2 2017. 

So, every time the curtain falls

Every time the curtain falls on some forgotten life
It is because we all stood by, silent and indifferent­

A few mindful lyrics from Roger Waters’ latest album, Is This the Life We Really Want?, draws us to be present and not absent from what happens around us. [ read more…]


In 2015 Libby gave the Grace MacInnis Visiting Scholar Lecture at Simon Fraser University.

See the video of the lecture here

The transcript was shared on the SFU Contours Journal – which you can read here.  It is also reproduced below. 


 I did not know Grace MacInnis personally but had a pivotal moment in my earlier years that was formative and very important to me. [ read more…]

SFU Lecture: Reflection of a life in politics


September 21, 2016, Presented by SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement

Watch the video of Libby’s interview with Jackie Wong here

Libby Davies has a long and storied history working in East Vancouver politics and community organizing.

Her history as a strong community activist for Vancouver began over forty years ago. [ read more…]

Marc Emery: An interview before U.S. prison

Reposted from – originally published May 24, 2010

Editor’s note: The following exclusive interview, recorded by, took place between Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East, and Marc and Jodie Emery in January 2010 in Vancouver, days before his extradition was expected to take place. [ read more…]

Marking the 10th Anniversary of INSITE

It’s ironic, and typical, that as INSITE celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful operation in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the Conservative government in Ottawa is still railing against Safe Injection Sites and no doubt has Bill C-65 ready to go when Parliament returns October 16. [ read more…]

An Intern’s Reflections on the Power of Community

In December, I had the privilege of ending my internship placement with Libby by visiting her riding, Vancouver East. From delivering doughnuts to Vancouver’s postal workers at 6 a.m. to attending the release of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry report, I accompanied Libby to a number of meetings with diverse communities. [ read more…]

22nd Annual Women’s Memorial March

Dear Friends,

Commitments in Parliament won’t allow me to be with you today at the 22nd Annual Women’s Memorial March. I’ve had the honor of attending many of the Marches over the years and I join you in honoring these women and our community today. [ read more…]

Guest Blog: Dr. Norm Campbell talks about reducing the sodium in our diets

Heart disease and stroke are among the most common causes of death and disability in Canadians.  As a doctor who commonly sees the personal and family despair, disability and death caused by heart disease, kidney disease and stroke, I have always strongly supported programs that prevent these illnesses and especially those that would also reduce health care costs.  Unhealthy foods (those that are high in calories, fats, salt and free sugars) are roughly responsible for 1 in 3 deaths in Canada; is the major cause of  Canadian children and adults becoming obese; and the best available data suggests such foods are the major cause of 8 in 10 people developing hypertension (6 million Canadians). 

In my opinion, the federal government’s poor regulation of our food products is almost completely responsible for the massive burden of death, disability and health costs associated with unhealthy eating.  The World Health Organization, United Nations and many scientific and health organizations have documented the types of policies and regulations we need to improve national eating patterns. [ read more…]