Kairos process not perfect: Tories

The Harper government issued its first, grudging acknowledgment Friday that a controversial funding decision and subsequent cover-up by International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda may have been less than pristine...Lukiwski also made the case that just because Oda testified in December that she didn't know who added the hand-written word "NOT" to the Kairos funding approval, that didn't contradict her later assertion that she ordered the revision. "Precise answers to questions do not constitute contempt," said Lukiwski. He blamed Liberal MP John McKay, who "should have asked different, or more, questions, or been more diligent in his inquiry." Transcripts of Oda's Dec. 9 testimony at the foreign affairs committee show McKay being cut off by Conservative chairman Dean Allison as he pressed the minister on the specifics of her knowledge about the doctored document. NDP MP Libby Davies called the government response "very tawdry." "They're hiding behind ludicrous technicalities," she said in an interview.