Libby’s Tweets!

OTTAWA — Members of Parliament are scrambling to climb aboard the Twitter bandwagon - and getting elbowed by controversial, satirical and even phoney postings. Victims of fake Twitter accounts now include Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Senator Mike Duffy, the former CTV journalist. And satirical accounts currently make fun of NDP Leader Jack Layton's moustache and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's cat. As for controversy, Liberal MP Michelle Simson recently had to apologize to Tory MP Dean Del Mastro after tweeting the following during a committee meeting: "In committee this morning. M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out)." That was followed by: "Gosh, I hate to see a grown M.P. pout. Smile, Dean." The incident prompted New Democrat MP Charlie Angus to complain Twitter has been turning MPs into Grade 9 cheerleaders and jocks in the school cafeteria. Despite the pitfalls and embarrassments, politicians say social networking is an effective way to connect with constituents and others.