Society has failed these women

NDP MP Libby Davies doesn’t think Premier Gordon Campbell’s former role as chair of the Vancouver police board puts him in a conflict of interest on the issue of whether to hold a public inquiry on the missing women. Davies sat on Vancouver city council during Campbell’s stint as mayor and police board chair from 1986 to 1993, around the time that women began disappearing from the Downtown Eastside. “It doesn’t put him in a conflict of interest,” the Vancouver East MP told the Straight by phone. “He’s the premier. He’s in a different role. A lot more information has come forward since when he was mayor. Back in those days, originally the call was for a special task force, and that was turned down many, many times when I was on council and such. But no, I don’t think he’s in a conflict. He’s the premier and he’s got to uphold the public interest.”