What’s wrong with the Left in Canada? We asked the Left.

[editorial note: Macleans oddly forgot to note that I was NDP House Leader for 8 years - the first long term appointment of a woman in this role. They also chose not to include the note that accompanied my response to their query "I’m not very keen on the questions - they are very simplistic and play into the divide of politics. And the questions as posed reinforce a kind of black and white view of the political world that most Canadians don't relate too. I always think it’s more about issues - and how we see critical issues and our stance on a particular matter. Anyway - having given you my scepticism about what this story might be about - though I do get that it’s easy for political parties to play to their base - here are my answers to your two questions : ] Libby Davies Former Health Critic, [NDP House Leader} and Deputy leader of the NDP. Member of the Order of Canada. What is wrong with the left today? The left has a tendency to unnecessarily divide and split itself rather than striving for a more disciplined stance that is based on shared values. What really bothers you about the right? A lack of interest in factual information and evidence based decision making.