Libby Davies Re-Appointed House Leader

OTTAWA – NDP Leader Jack Layton today announced the party’s Shadow Cabinet and executive positions, saying the NDP is ready to get to work on issues that matter to working Canadians.

Among the caucus executive responsibilities, Vancouver East M.P, Libby Davies retains the House Leader position where she will continue to play a significant role in the new minority parliament.

As the NDP House Leader, Davies will work with the House Leaders of the other parties to manage the legislation and other business of the House of Commons. Davies has been the House Leader since 2003 where she played a key role in negotiating the NDP budget in 2005.

In Vancouver East, British Columbia, and across Canada more people voted for the NDP to balance the change in Ottawa. Libby will be a progressive voice and getting things done in this Parliament.

Libby continues as the spokesperson for illicit drug policy and prostitution issues, and takes on the new role as spokesperson for infrastructures and communities for Greater Vancouver.

Libby will continue to be an active advocate on issues of affordable housing and racial profiling and looks forward to working with the new NDP critic for Housing, M.P Irene Mathyssen, and the new NDP critic for Multiculturalism, M.P Wayne Marston.

A full list of the shadow cabinet is available on