Corporate Tax Cuts Won’t Help Working Families

VANCOUVER – Vancouver East MP Libby Davies says today’s Conservative federal budget doesn’t provide the serious investment that’s needed for most Canadians. It doesn’t warrant serious consideration for NDP support in Parliament.

“This budget is a lost opportunity for families, workers, students and low income Canadians,” Davies said. “Instead of investing in new child care spaces, more affordable education, a cleaner environment, a better EI program, the Conservatives want to squander the surplus on more corporate tax cuts. Harper seems to have a long term vision for corporations, but not for children,” she added.

“This budget will make life harder for ordinary people,” Davies said. “As a result of this budget, pollution will go up, child care wait lists will get longer, and student debt will get heavier.”

“People in East Van have waited too long for investment in the environment, affordable housing and training and education,” Davies added. “There is no new investment in this budget to meet these priorities.”

“Now is not the time cut, now is the time to invest,” said Davies. “Jack Layton was clear that we needed to see working families’ priorities addressed in this budget. We aren’t seeing that here and we’re very disappointed.”