16 Vancouver Elected Representatives Speak Out on Sullivan’s Project Civil City

VANCOUVER – Libby Davies, David Chudnovsky, David Cadman and Heather Deal today released their response to Mayor Sullivan’s Project Civil City. They represented Vancouver’s NDP MP, 5 NDP MLAs, 4 Vision Councillors, 1 COPE Councillor, 3 COPE School Trustees and 2 COPE Park Board Commissioners.

“We, the undersigned elected officials in the City of Vancouver, wish to express our serious concern about Mayor Sam Sullivan’s Project Civil City.

We believe the Mayor’s Project Civil City will result in a targeted crackdown on the most vulnerable in our city, in order to “clean up” Vancouver for international scrutiny during the Olympics without any attempt to deal with the underlying social problems that have been neglected by government.”

In November of 2006, Mayor Sullivan unveiled his Project Civil City plan to deal with so called public disorder in Vancouver. The Progressive Elected Officials who gathered at City Hall today countered that this Project will only temporarily cover up the deteriorating social and economic conditions in our city.

“We advocate for a City where showcasing the 2010 Olympics is not done at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society, who are ignored and swept away as a nuisance.”

The 16 elected representatives called on all levels of government to commit to the protection of low and affordable housing, raising the assistance rates to realistic levels, continuation of the 4 Pillars comprehensive approach, protecting and enhancing public services, leading in environmental sustainability and reinvesting in public transit.

“We commit to monitor the progress of these needs, report on them to the public, and monitor the impact that Project Civil City has on the rights of people it targets and on all of Vancouver.”