Libby and the NDP work to block the HST


OTTAWA– The Harper government is attempting to shut down debate and ram through legislation on the harmonized sales tax (HST). On Wednesday, the Conservative government gave notice of a motion that would rush through all stages of the HST legislation before Christmas. Government Motion No. 8 would speed up the normal legislative process to have the bill pass the House of Commons in days rather than months.

“It seems like Mr. Harper is pulling a page out of Mr. Campbell’s playbook. Mislead, obfuscate and try limit public debate on the HST,” said New Democrat Deputy Leader Libby Davies (Vancouver East).

“There is no urgency on this legislation, as the federal government has months to deal with this. I don’t see why these draconian measures are needed.”

Davies says New Democrats plan to fight this motion, and push for a full debate on HST legislation. “We now find ourselves the only voice in Ottawa attempting to block the HST. We will not ignore the voices of British Columbians and do what we can to stop this unfair tax shift.”

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