Focus on corporate tax cuts ignores economic reality for many British Columbians

OTTAWA – Critical needs of British Columbians have been ignored by the federal budget say Vancouver MPs Libby Davies (Vancouver East) and Don Davies (Vancouver-Kingsway). The NDP MPs expressed their dismay over today’s budget which shows that the Conservatives have no comprehensive strategy for jobs, pensions, housing or the environment.

“While there is no new spending for housing, improving and protecting pensions, or child care in the budget, the Conservatives will give away billions of dollars in corporate tax cuts,” said Libby Davies.

“This budget was an opportunity to promote innovative sustainable approaches to economic development and for Canada to take a leadership role in the future of green jobs,” said Don Davies. “Instead, the government is pushing the same failed policies that got us into the recession in the first place.”

“Vancouver is in the midst of a housing crisis, unemployment is skyrocketing, people – especially seniors – are wondering how to make ends meet, and the Conservative’s answer is to cut corporate taxes and increase foreign takeovers of Canadian companies, “said Libby Davies. “It shows how out of touch they are with the needs of Canadians.”

“Although the Harper government promised it would not raise taxes, the increase in the E.I. payroll tax will mean every wage earner and employer in the country has just been hit with $19 billion in new taxes,” added Don Davies.