Stephen Harper must come back to the bargaining table: NDP

Cover Date: 
January 17, 2012

VICTORIA – New Democrats are demanding that Stephen Harper come back to the bargaining table and work with Canada’s first ministers to come up with a health care agreement ensures adequate health care for Canadians.

“Canada’s premiers are united in their disapproval of the current Harper formula,” said New Democrat Health critic Libby Davies. “This hands-off approach doesn’t work for the provinces and it won’t work for Canadians. Mr. Harper needs to show some leadership and come back to the table. Canadians have been clear – they want better healthcare. So why is our own Prime Minister stepping away from his responsibilities?”

At a time when the differences between provincial health care systems in Canada is growing, federal leadership is required now more than ever to ensure Canadians have access to high quality health care across the country.

“With no leadership from Stephen Harper, we risk having 13 different healthcare systems in the country, which risks the very foundation of Medicare” added NDP Deputy Health critic Anne Minh-Thu Quach. “It’s time our federal government honours its commitments spelled out in the 2003-2004 Health Accords and in the Canada Health Act. New Democrats will continue to press the federal government to get back to the table and negotiate with the provinces in good faith.”