MARCH 30, 2012

BRITISH COLUMBIA – Deputy Leader of the NDP, Libby Davies and NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian say that the Conservative budget is out of line with the priorities of British Columbians.

“From cities to resource towns, from students to seniors, this budget simply doesn’t cut it for BC,” said Davies.

“Broadly, the drastic changes to Old Age Security and healthcare will affect Canadians across the board,” said Julian. “On top of that, there are cuts and lack of investment that will hurt BC families.”

Conservatives are cutting millions from Western Economic Diversification Canada, a move which will hurt BC businesses and stifle innovation. The NDP says that this move will lead to job losses and missed opportunities in communities across the province.

“This government is simply not looking out for families,” said Davies. “They can find money for fighter jets and corporate taxes, but when it comes to making sure that there are good-paying jobs, that seniors can retire in dignity and that healthcare is protected, this government just turns a blind eye.”

“This government promised not to gut OAS, not to cut services that Canadians need and not to cut healthcare dollars,” said Julian. “They have broken all of those promises.”

The budget also ignores several funding needs, especially in the areas of transit, housing or immigrant settlement services. Environment Canada is also facing multi-million dollar cuts.

“This budget could not be more out of line with BC priorities,” said Julian. “British Columbians want a government that stands up for them, not a government that gets to Ottawa and turns a blind eye to the West.”