JULY 20, 2012

OTTAWA – New Democrat Health critic Libby Davies criticized the Minister of Health for moving backwards on trans fats and making it harder for families to keep this health hazard off their dinner tables. New Democrats were reacting to news that the Minister has decided to ignore the advice of her own experts at Health Canada and is refusing to take action.

“Canadian families want to be assured that they know what’s in the food they are feeding their children, and want to be able to make healthy and nutritious choices,” said Davies. “But with the Minister killing proposed regulations and ignoring departmental advice, it’s harder and harder for families to make these healthy choices.”

The NDP has taken the lead on tackling this issue, including garnering all party support in 2004 for a New Democrat motion to limit trans fats in foods – unfortunately, Conservatives have refused to live up to this commitment.

“This is a worrying trend we’re seeing with the Minister of Health.  The Minister has already dropped the ball on a variety of food safety issues – from sodium to energy drinks to food labelling,” added Davies. “Conservative inaction on important food issues is putting the health of Canadians at risk. It’s time the government listened to Canadian families instead of just taking their marching orders from industry.”