OTTAWA – Fifty years ago, the party of Tommy Douglas brought Medicare to Canada. Today, the New Democrats remain committed to showing the same leadership and ensuring the sustainability of Canada’s healthcare system. That is why the NDP is organizing public consultations on the future of free, universal healthcare in our country.

“Canadians are concerned about our health care system and they want it to be a priority for their government too,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “Unfortunately, the Conservatives are just making things worse by unilaterally cutting $36 billion in provincial and territorial health transfers without consulting them.”

The consultations will focus on four priority areas: improving access to prescription medication, home and long-term care services, the role of healthcare professionals, and how to assist all Canadians in leading a healthier life.

“The NDP wants to offer an alternative approach to Canadians – one of leadership and collaboration,” said NDP Health Critic Libby Davies. “We want to work together with Canadians, health care professionals, and the provincial and territorial governments to determine what changes are needed to adapt our health care system to the 21st century.”

“We’ll use the input of Canadians to build our proposals for the 2015 elections,” concluded Davies. “This will be a very important step towards our goal of building a stronger and fairer Canada.”