OTTAWA – New Democrats are questioning the ability of the Conservative government to ensure Canadians’ safety, noting that for the second time in only a few months, American authorities are sounding the alarm on the bad practices of a Canadian pharmaceutical company. 

The generic drug company Apotex received warning letters from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at its plants in Richmond Hill and Toronto. The FDA goes as far as to threaten to block the company’s exports to the U.S.

“This is troubling because it’s the same company that distributed the birth control pills recalled by Health Canada recently,” said NDP Health critic Libby Davies. “Just as in the case of Sandoz, it’s the Americans who are finding problems in Canadian pharmaceutical factories.”

Canadian authorities last inspected the factory in 2011.

“Is the minister able to guarantee that drugs consumed by Canadians are safe,” asked deputy critic, Djaouida Sellah. “Conservative government cuts to our inspection agencies are putting the health of our citizens at risk.”