NDP REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are failing British Columbians

January 6, 2014

To kick off the New Year, Stephen Harper is making his way to the West, where he once again is trying to divert attention from his government’s mismanagement and ethical scandals.

Today Harper will be visiting Vancouver and Burnaby, but he won’t be answering questions about his role in the Senate expense cover-up scandal. Nor will he be talking about the ways he has failed the people of BC.

Northern Gateway:

Stephen Harper is missing the mark on the Northern Gateway. Despite the outcry from British Columbians, the federal government’s review panel has recommended approving Northern Gateway, though with a long list of recommendations.

But instead of telling the Vancouver Board of Trade the truth about the 209 recommendations – or the five requirements from the BC government – Stephen Harper is just telling the Board of Trade that everything is fine, and “good to go”.

Kitsilano Coast Guard Station:

Despite outcry from boaters, the Vancouver mayor, fire and police departments, local search and rescue and even BC’s Premier, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives ignored Vancouverites and needlessly put people at risk by closing this coast guard station. Even with ever increasing marine traffic, Harper’s Conservatives won’t agree to do the right thing and restore the coast guard base. 

Canada Jobs Grant: 
Stephen Harper won’t be talking about his government’s changes to the Canada Jobs Grant, a program that the BC Premier – along with other provincial and territorial leaders – has been very vocal about her opposition. 

The federal proposal, to be implemented this year, will take away training money used by provinces to increase skills training and workforce participation – and make it harder for small businesses to work with underrepresented groups.

Canadians deserve better.