British MP denied entry into Canada

Honourable Jason Kenny
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister,

I have just learned that you have denied entry into Canada for British Member of Parliament, George Galloway, for his planned speaking tour of Canada. This seems unbelievable – even for the Conservative Government – but apparently this is the case, based on “security reasons” that your office will not disclose.

I find it reprehensible and outrageous that you would suppress this well know MP from coming to Canada to speak, for what can only be determined as purely partisan, political reasons by the Canadian government. That Mr. Galloway is outspoken on his views concerning the Middle East is not new, nor should it be of any concern to warrant this kind of action from the Canadian Government.

As a duly elected member of the British House of Commons and a notable public figure, Canadians should not be denied the opportunity to hear, meet and engage in public discourse with MP Galloway.

Parliamentarians of all political persuasions, from around the globe, play an important role in fostering public understanding and debate of key current affairs that affect us all. The conflict in the Middle East, and Mr. Galloway’s active work for Palestinians, including his recent mission to Gaza to deliver aid and support, are of great interest to many people in Canada. I simply cannot understand why you, as Minister, would deny him entry to Canada, and on what basis this decision was made.

I ask you to re-consider your decision. It is wrong and narrow minded, reflecting the ideological views of your government, which you have no right to impose on the Canadian people. Your government does not have a majority in Parliament, and even if you did, it would not warrant this kind of undemocratic pronouncement. Please respect the ability of Canadians to hear information and make their own decision about what they do or do not support.

Yours Sincerely,

Libby Davies
MP Vancouver East