Gomery Commission

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, only the arrogance of these Liberals, perfected over so many years, could express pride and righteousness even as they are awash in scandal and corruption.

In my riding of Vancouver East, as across the country, people are disgusted by the Prime Minister and the government’s record. People are still breathing the smoggy air. They still lack affordable housing. They still cannot afford for their kids to go to school.

That is the real record here. Twelve years of broken promises now covered up in Liberal corruption. Now they have the gall to say that they want the respect of the Canadian people. Just stand up and apologize to them for what has happened here.

Right Hon. Paul Martin (Prime Minister, Lib.): This morning we had a very important meeting with a group of doctors in terms of the establishment of national benchmarks and accountability in terms of the health care deal. I am quite disappointed that the NDP, which poses as the defender of the smaller person and of Medicare, did not stand up and want to talk about accountability.

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, that is why we are here. We are talking about accountability. We are talking about the accountability of the Prime Minister, and the Liberal Party, who has yet refused to stand up and admit that he has failed the Canadian people, both in terms of corruption and scandal, but also on all issues, whether it is health care, housing, child care or help for our cities. On all those issues, he has failed.

Let us talk about accountability. I ask the Prime Minister to stand up and be held accountable to the people of Canada.

Right Hon. Paul Martin (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, if the hon. member were as interested in these issues as she says she is, then she would go through the Budget Implementation Bill, where she would see the increase in the GIS for senior citizens. She would see the money that will go into the cities to deal with the problems of housing and with the problems of pollution. She would see the whole issue of climate change and how it will be dealt with.