Libby asks the Conservative government to invest in public health

House of Commons


March 25, 2014

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, the minister’s assurances ring hollow as she cuts $32 million from the Public Health Agency and eliminates 500 employees across the country.

The Public Health Agency of Canada was set up to respond to national emergencies. Today’s possible Ebola case in Saskatchewan is a reminder of the serious illnesses that Canadians can face.

Given these deep cuts, how does the government plan to deal with public health emergencies in the future?

Hon. Rona Ambrose (Minister of Health, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, the Public Health Agency of Canada is very well funded and very well equipped to manage any of the emerging public health emergencies that we have dealt with in the last number of years. Of course, it was our government that brought the Public Health Agency of Canada into existence. I ask the member not to, in any way, fear monger on the issue of Ebola, because we did confirm this morning that there is no Ebola virus in Saskatoon.