Libby calls for immediate action on seniors’ health care


House of Commons


April 8, 2014

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister would do well to check if seniors really are such strong supporters of his party because they are pretty upset right now with his government’s record.

Even for those who can afford it, wait times can be up to eight months to get into long-term care. This leaves too many Canadians in limbo and their families struggling to cope.

Today, a new poll by the Canadian Medical Association reveals that seniors’ health care is a top priority for Canadians.

So why are Conservatives yet again turning their backs and failing seniors on health care?

Hon. Rona Ambrose (Minister of Health , CPC):

Mr. Speaker, first the member knows full well that we are transferring more money to the provinces for health care than ever in the history of Canada. Specific to seniors’ issues, since our government has taken power, it has invested $650 million in research areas related to aging, including more than $100 million just last year alone. Economic action plan 2014 delivers a further $15 million to expand patient-oriented research and to tackle the growing onset of issues like dementia and related illnesses. In fact, we are hosting a summit with France in September to honour our commitment with our G8 partners to find a cure for dementia by 2025.