Libby questions the Conservative government’s claims about Mike Duffy’s payout

House of Commons


June 7, 2013

Ms. Libby Davies:

Mr. Speaker, they do not want to hear what is going on, but let us be very clear.

Only the Conservatives have a secret fund that is controlled out of the Prime Minister’s Office. We will continue to hammer away at getting answers to these questions.

I have another question. If the government is so certain that Mike Duffy was paid by a personal cheque, why can it not produce it?

When will the government provide us with documents to support the claims that it is making?

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities and for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Wright has said clearly that he paid the expenses of Mr. Duffy with his own personal funds, and he will not be reimbursed either by the government or the Conservative Party of Canada.  The reason the Conservative Party has no such cheque is because the Conservative Party wrote no such cheque. The story on CBC yesterday was false.  We gave the CBC information to show that it was false. There is no separate fund.  There is the Conservative Fund of Canada, which covers all partisan expenses, including those of the Prime Minister, because he just happens to be the Conservative leader.