Libby questions the Conservative government’s commitment to health care

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

 Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives want to balance the books on the backs of vulnerable Canadians. The Prime Minister promised to create jobs. Instead, he is delivering cuts.

He promised to encourage growth. Instead, he is saddling the provinces with higher health care costs.

The Conservatives are short-changing the provinces by $31 billion, impacting needed front-line health care services.

Why is the Prime Minister attacking the very core of our cherished medicare system? Why is he turning his back on Canadians who need quality health care?

Hon. Leona Aglukkaq (Minister of Health and Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, as I stated all week, our government recently announced long-term stable funding for the provinces and the territories that will see transfers reach a historic level of $40 billion by the end of the decade. The NDP can talk a good game, but when it comes to health care, let us take a look at the record. Here are some of the health initiatives the NDP voted against. First of all, there were the health transfers, first nations health initiatives, first nations health infrastructure, addictions treatment programs, telehealth and research, just to name a few examples of what the NDP did not support.

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, of course the Prime Minister never campaigned on his reckless health care cuts because he knew that Canadians would not stand for it. In fact he promised to protect health care transfers.

Mr. Speaker, the fact is that the first chance he got, the Prime Minister is slashing health care funding and wreaking havoc with our health care system.

What does the Prime Minister say to Canadians who still will not be able to find a doctor or who believed his phony claim that Conservatives would protect our health care system?