Celebrating the Arts in Vancouver East



Mr. Speaker,

East Vancouver has a dynamic and long-standing arts community. Today, I would like to pay tribute to three organizations that have served our community for four decades!

Western Front is a pioneering artist-run center for contemporary art and music. With their diverse and inclusive programming, Western Front has become a crucial platform for interdisciplinary, experimental art practices in Canada and internationally.

Operating as a training center, a production studio and an international video distributor, VIVO is Vancouver’s oldest artist-run media arts center. VIVO provides opportunities for artists to share and develop their work in an inclusive environment.

The Vancouver East Cultural Center (affectionately named “the Cultch”) is dedicated to supporting and presenting contemporary theatre, dance and music. It is a Vancouver cultural treasure.

I salute these amazing organizations and their 40 years of outstanding creativity, resilience and vision. They are beloved in Vancouver and in our local community.