Libby speaking up for Pension Reform

House of Commons
November 6, 2009

Ms. Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East)
Mr. Speaker,
Seniors in East Vancouver, the self-employed, and those approaching retirement, worry about the future as they watch their pension plans fall apart. Many seniors in our community live in poverty and it’s even harder to get by during this economic recession. The problems with Canada’s pension system are serious and must be fixed.

The NDP has introduced a comprehensive plan to reform Canada’s pension program.

We want to see a national pension insurance program to protect worker’s pensions from company shortfalls, an increase in contributions to CPP/QPP benefits, and something I think is especially important, a significant increase in the Guaranteed Income Supplement to a level that will eliminate senior’s poverty. The seniors of East Vancouver desperately need this.

Mr. Speaker, it’s high time that the income security of seniors is made top priority.
I call on the government to move swiftly to adopt these proposals It’s affordable and responsible, and simply the right thing to do.