Libby’s Statement Honouring Strathcona Community Organizations

House of Commons


November 21, 2012

Mr. Speaker,

This year marks the 40th anniversary of 2 outstanding community organizations in East Vancouver; the Strathcona Community Centre, and the Chinese Community Library Services Association, and the 44th anniversary of the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association (SPOTA).

They are heart and soul of this very historic Strathcona neigbourhood, known for its diversity, community spirit and proud history.

The recreational programs and services provided to inner city families and seniors by the Strathcona Community Centre are quite extraordinary.

The Chinese Library is unique in North America. It preserves Chinese language and culture within the Chinese community and is a source of education and understanding among the many diverse groups in Canada.

SPOTA’s hard work to stop freeways in Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood in the 1960s and 1970s has maintained this wonderful community, as home for many generations.

I salute these organizations and thank them for the dedicated work they do in making Strathcona a place that all Vancouverites are proud of.