Libby’s Statement on the Conservative government’s declining support for public health care

House of Commons
December 14, 2011

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, it is astounding that the Conservative government plans to determine the future funding for health care based on economic growth. This comes after the government has long promised an annual 6% increase. It is an outrage that the government would consider cutting its increase in half and threaten the stability of front line health care services.

While the government is ready to cut future funding to health care, it has still not delivered on the promises made in the 2004 accord.

This week, the Health Council of Canada reported that 23% of chronically ill Canadians cannot afford their medications. This is why the government must uphold its current commitments and fulfill the promises of 2004, including a national prescription drug coverage plan. Now is the time to act on health care, not to cut its funding.

The provinces need leadership and accountability from the federal government to sustain our public health care system. Why is it backing away from the table, signalling that Canadians’ number one concern is not shared by the government?