On the Aborigninal HIV/AIDS Crisis in Vancouver

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): – When I see the devastation of people and the housing that they live in or people who are homeless on the street, when I see the soaring rates of infection for HIV-AIDS, I have to ask myself, why in a country as wealthy as Canada, why in a country that has all of the human capacity, all of the resources at its disposal, do we have an infection rate that is parallel and in some places exceeds what we see in the developing world?

[…] There are amazing organizations in this neighborhood, such as the Knowledge Aboriginal Youth Alliance, KAYA, the Urban Native Youth Association, the Carnegie Centre, Downtown Eastside Residents Association, the First United Church, Vancouver Native Health Society, …the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre… and Healing Our Spirit. These are incredible organizations that have a tremendous resiliency to what is going on…

There are groups like VANDU, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, or the West Coast Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society… These are people who are fighting back. […] There is despair over how governments treat the community but the sense of community spirit, pulling together and uniting is unbelievable.