The Downtown Eastside Women’s March

House of Commons

Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East)
Mr. Speaker, this month, I had the privilege of joining over two hundred women on Main Street in Vancouver for the 3rd Annual Downtown Eastside Women’s March for Housing.

Many of the women who marched live in shelters, on the street, and in dangerous and unstable housing. Still, they are strong and determined in their fight for: Social Housing, Childcare, and Healthcare for all.

These women have a clear message for all levels of government and I am pleased to bring it here today. The women of the Downtown Eastside are calling for:
– A stop to evictions and the provision of affordable safe housing
– Recognizing the needs of people before Olympic profits; and
– A Stop to the criminalization of the poor
I would like to thank the Downtown Eastside Women Centre ‘Power of Women Group’ for speaking out on these important issues.

In the words of the Power of Women Group:
“Although we are still suffering in shelters and on the streets, we are not defeated. We are making our voices heard, we are bringing empowerment into our lives, we are fighting for positive change, and we are expressing the humanity of our neighbourhood. We hope all of you will join us.”