A Busy Week

The week goes so fast in Ottawa; I can barely remember all that happened. It’s a blur of activity, seriously. As House Leader for the NDP I have particular responsibilities and I seem to dash from place to place, trying to stay on top of what’s happening on the Hill. [ read more…]

Attack on Gaza must end

Over the past 21 days 1,133 Palestinians have been killed by Israel, including 346 children and 105 women. 5,200 have been injured. As of this morning, these are the latest reported casualties. I add my voice to the many thousands to speak out in condemnation at the on-going assault by Israel on Gaza. [ read more…]

Libby’s letter to Prime Minister on Gaza

January 6, 2009

Right Honourable Stephen Harper
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister,

The top UN official in Gaza has reported that “nowhere is safe in Gaza.” With a mounting death toll of over 600 Palestinians; over 2,700 wounded; and an unfolding humanitarian crisis of no running water, no electricity, no adequate medical help, and 13,000 refugees who have fled the front lines, the assault on Gaza by Israel will not in any way improve conditions for peace and security. [ read more…]

Attack on Gaza

Having just returned to Canada, I have been watching the developments in Gaza.

I am member of the Canada Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Association and have worked with other MPs to pressure for peace and justice for Palestinians, by pressuring our Canadian government to show leadership in implementing UN resolutions regarding Palestine, and supporting the legitimate legal, political, and social demands of the Palestinian people. [ read more…]

A Coalition for Change

It has been a raucous week in Parliament, and now we have a Prime Minister who is desperately clinging to power at any cost.

I’ve had emails from many people – across the country and of course, from East Van. A few have been vicious, regrettably – but many people seemed to be encouraged by the idea of a new coalition, focussed on real change and help for people, especially given the economic recession and lack of action from Harper’s government. [ read more…]

First week back in the House

What a week! It flew by and here I am, at the end of the first week back in Parliament. The Speech From The Throne was the highlight of the week, but prior to that the new NDP caucus met and it was great to see 12 new members from across the country. [ read more…]

Congratulations to Vision and COPE!

Last Saturday was an exciting day for Vancouver as we voted in a new mayor and a progressive majority for city council, school board, and parks board. I was so pleased that Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver and COPE team will be bringing new direction to City Hall in the coming weeks, and would like to congratulate Vision and COPE and all the many volunteers who helped make this election happen. [ read more…]

Thoughts while visiting Revelstoke

Just minutes from the busy Trans Canada highway in Revelstoke BC, there is a beautiful place by the river, that is home to a massive stone memorial for railway workers killed on the job. Revelstoke is a big railway town, steeped in the history of our province, and also the tragedy of workers who have given their lives on the railway. [ read more…]

Throne Speech Fails to Deliver on Affordable Housing

“What I have seen and heard so far in Vancouver has convinced me that this dire state of homelessness in the face of so much wealth indicates that this is still a serious issue that needs continued monitoring by the UN.” – UN envoy on homelessness, Miloon Kothari, Vancouver Province, Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Conservative government delivered a disastrous Throne Speech on October 16. [ read more…]

Protect diversity in Canadian media!

Are you one of the many Canadians increasingly concerned about the situation of our country’s media? Media diversity is the cornerstone of democracy, yet in recent years consolidation has left our media in the hands of fewer and fewer big corporations, with ownership (control) among the most concentrated in the industrialized world; the CRTC has advanced consolidation and commercialization while neglecting the public interest and even adopting policy breaking its own legal mandate; insecure and inadequate funding has compromised our public broadcasting, and English CBC now earns most of its revenue from commercial sources. [ read more…]