Your Support for Women’s Rights

Dear friend,

As you’ve probably heard by now Motion M312 was defeated in Parliament yesterday by a vote of 91 in favour; 203 against. I have to say I was really relieved that it was a sizable majority of MP’s that made it clear that this motion will not be approved.  However, I am disappointed to see that 10 Ministers voted for the motion, including the Minister for the Status of Women, Rona Ambrose.

I want to thank you for taking the time to write to me expressing your opposition to the motion. The enormous response from people in East Van and across the country was very good to see. It was a motion designed to re-open the debate on hard fought for pro-choice rights, in Canada. We weren’t fooled that it was anything but an attack on women’s equality and our reproductive rights.

One thing I’ve learned in politics, is that when any human rights are finally won in a legal sense, we have to remain vigilant that they are upheld, acted upon, and affirmed. Yesterday’s vote was such a case. No doubt there will be other such cases and “tests”, which is why speaking out, mobilizing, and staying united is never a waste of time!

So, thank you for doing your part. I really believe it might have been a different outcome had not so many people across the country made their voices heard.

I, for my part, will be vigilant, and work to uphold the rights of women, and all people in Canada and other parts of the world. It seems there is so much under attack these days – so I don’t say this lightly – but with a sense of responsibility and determination that we will not allow the clock to be turned back on equality, human rights and social justice.

Thank you for your support.