Libby Davies talks about her winter sitting

Q: What do you have to look forward to over the winter sitting? A: Healthcare is my file right now, so that’s taking up a lot of my time, and it’s a very big file, and we have great NDP members on the committee, so we’re dividing it up and each specialising on certain things, so I’m very happy about that. We’re working as a team. We are going to be generating a bigger campaign around the future of medicare. Besides that, issues that come out of my riding that in some ways are very much related to healthcare, such as affordable housing and homelessness, the rights of sex workers, the impacts on drug users from the “war on drugs” – these are issues that are ongoing, whether it’s Insite, or what’s happening to sex workers in the court challenges that are happening right now. These are things that I’m paying attention to because they don’t get a lot of attention in parliament, and I feel like l have to be a strong advocate for those issues, and I want to be a strong advocate. Those things are also very much a part of the work that I do.