NDP MPs Say Budget Fails Vancouver

OTTAWA – Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East) spoke out against today’s federal budget for failing to close the prosperity gap in Vancouver East.

“With corporate tax cuts totalling $8 billion, today’s budget will further widen, not shrink, the gap between those at the top end and middle-class and working families,” said Libby Davies.

The Conservative budget extends the corporate tax advantages for big oil and gas companies another 8 years. “Corporate Canada and the oil sands don’t need more taxpayer’s money, working and middle-class families do,” said Layton.

“With no new announcements for affordable housing, this federal budget completely ignores the homelessness and housing crisis facing Vancouver” said Davies. “This is particularly disturbing given the recent recommendations of the VANOC Inner City Inclusive Committee Housing Table, which called for 3200 new affordable housing units” she added.

Libby Davies stated that the budget doesn’t do enough for Canada’s working families and it does nothing to close the prosperity gap.