Libby and the NDP call on Ignatieff to support housing Bill

Ottawa – The NDP are calling on Michael Ignatieff to follow-through on his recent commitments to housing and support the NDP’s Bill for a National Housing Strategy, which is currently before Parliament.

“Canada is facing a housing crisis that is only getting worse with this recession,” said NDP MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East), who tabled the Bill in February. “The millions of Canadians living in housing insecurity can’t wait for an election or some distant promise for secure housing, they need access to affordable, adequate housing now. “

Davies is encouraged by the Liberals new stance on a national program, and by
Mr. Ignatieff’s acknowledgment of the role the Liberal’s played in creating the current crisis when they dismantled Canada’s national housing program in the early 1990s. Since then, Canada is the only G8 country without such a program.

Davies’ Bill, C-304, will go to a second hour of debate when the House resumes in September and calls for a national housing strategy to be established through the coordinated work of federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and Aboriginal governments.

“Investment in housing is an investment in the economy, jobs and the health and well-being of our communities,” said NDP Housing Critic Megan Leslie, who seconded the Bill.

Bill C-304 already has the support of several Canadian mayors, national housing organizations and community groups across the country.