Statement on the passing of Dr. David S. C. Lam

I offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of Dr. David Lam on the occasion of his passing on November 22.

Dr. Lam’s record of public service is an important part of Vancouver’s history. His service as Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia was the highlight of his many years of dedicated service. He was a much beloved leader, teacher and friend to many. His gentle humour and wise teachings to all people will always be honoured and admired.

Dr. Lam acted in many important ways during his lengthy service. He encouraged and supported diversity within the greater Canadian Family. He recognized and practiced our common values of fairness, equality, peace and justice. He sought to bring understanding to people of different backgrounds, languages and cultures, in a way that brought people together for the better good. He was a modest, humble and honorable man.

My most enduring memory of Dr. Lam is when he was Lieutenant Governor attending the 100th Anniversary of Lord Strathcona Elementary School. He apologized for being late as he had been held up on the ferry from Victoria. The hundreds of small children sitting on the gym floor were already restless and impatient and ready to go home. But within minutes Dr. Lam captivated and held the rapt attention of the young students with his wonderful stories and lessons. It was a precious sight to behold as the children laughed and listened and no doubt, learned from what he told them.

It’s a good example of how Dr. Lam could connect and relate to all age groups and all kinds of people to make them feel welcomed, valued and special.

We are very fortunate to have had this great man as our Lieutenant Governor.

May we learn from his work and wisdom and commit to create a better life and community for all people.