Libby says Conservative budget doesn’t support Canadian families’ needs

Budget fails to provide leadership on job creation, health care, or pensions for Canadians

OTTAWA – Today’s budget showed a continued focus on corporate tax cuts over job creation, with the Conservatives missing the opportunity to make life more affordable and help Canadians still recovering from the effects of the recession.

“The budget is a great disappointment for Canadians who voted for change and to put families first,” said New Democrat Deputy Leader Libby Davies (Vancouver East). “The Conservatives have failed to present a plan for improving health care, lifting seniors out of poverty, strengthening public pensions, increasing affordable housing, or rewarding businesses that create jobs.”

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton says the government’s budget is still out-of-step with Canadian families, particularly the sixty per cent of Canadians who didn’t vote Conservative.

“It seems incredible with so many Canadians still without a family doctor, that there would be nothing in the budget for fixing frontline health care,” stated Health Critic Libby Davies. “Simply increasing the Medical Expense Tax Credit for caregivers is not a commitment to increasing support for our public health care system – this budget fails on that score.”

“There is also nothing to improve immigration and reduce wait times,” stated Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Critic Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway). “Despite mentioning the digital economy, the budget makes no investments for Citizenship and Immigration to go digital, as the Auditor General has urged and Australia has done. This is key to address wait times, increase transparency, and create a faster and fairer immigration system.”

Don Davies added, “This budget is most disappointing for what is not included. This was a missed opportunity to address Canadians’ childcare needs and help small business. There is no plan to address climate change, or reduce tuition costs for young Canadians. Canadian families deserve better.”