Statement by New Democrat Leader Nycole Turmel on the adoption of the NDP motion on drug shortages

This evening, New Democrats got results for Canadian families and took a step in the right direction to put an end to the country’s current drug shortage.

The other parties in the House followed the NDP lead to ensure that such shortages do not happen again by voting to establish a national strategy to anticipate, identify and manage shortages of essential drugs. 

Drug shortages like the one that provinces and hospitals now face are completely avoidable. The NDP wants to make sure Canadians are not affected by future shortages.

Our motion would require drug manufacturers to inform Health Canada of any planned disruptions or drug supply shortages.

Now that our motion has been adopted unanimously by the House, we won’t give up. It’s just the first step.

The health of Canadians that’s at stake and it’s time to take action. The Conservatives must  ensure that drug shortages become a thing of the past—they must take their responsibilities seriously. New Democrats will continue to hold the Conservative government accountable and protect patients and families all across the country.