July 25, 2013

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE – New Democrats are calling on Stephen Harper to work with Canada’s first ministers on initiatives to improve and sustain our public health care system.

“As Canada’s premieres gather to discuss health care for Canadians, the Prime Minister and his health minister are missing in action,” said the NDP’s Deputy Leader and Health critic Libby Davies (Vancouver-East). “The Prime Minister’s disregard for provincial leaders is irresponsible. He should be here to discuss with them important health initiatives including a national prescription drug coverage plan, improved home care and long-term care, and timely access to health care professionals.”

Prime Minister Harper has repeatedly rejected collaborating with the provinces and instead imposed decisions on them. He refused to consult them before imposing new terms for health care funding, turned a blind eye when they voiced concerns about damages caused by his EI reforms, and unilaterally cut Old Age Security, downloading yet more costs onto the provinces.

“Canadians deserve better than a Conservative government that refuses to work our provincial leaders,” said Davies. “ Canadians deserve a federal government that works with our provinces to strengthen our public health care system.”

You can also check out Libby’s discussion with Dr. Robert Woollard from the Canadian Doctors for Medicare about the future of Canada’s public health care system: